Join the revolution with Pokemon Revolt!

Pokemon Revolt is a patreon exclusive series. Come join members of Critical Bits and other podcasts as they build an extended series of one-shots set during the rise of a pokemon revolution.

How do you find the show? Check the list below of podcasts that are involved in the show. Any podcast on that list will have the episodes on their patreon.

Anytime we get members of a new podcast to play or run a game, they’ll receive all of the episodes in the backlog. And, for any group that participated at any point, they’ll continue to receive the new episodes for their patrons as well.

Joel (from Critical Bits) and Gat (from the Roaring Trainers) will be overseeing all of the extended lore and cannon of the series.


Four Squirtles in a Sanitary Suit

Joel Ruiz GMs the first game of the series with Adam and Gat from The Roaring Trainers along with Andrew and Jonah from the Quest Company. The four PCs play as members of the Squirtle Squad on a new job.



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