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Seasons is a mini-series created by Joel Ruiz.

Seasons is the story of 4 groups of 4 playing 3 sessions each of Monster of the Week GMed by Joel Ruiz.

Join the cast across a 6 episode mini-series unlike anything in else in the world of actual play podcasts.


Episode 1 - spring2-3.jpg


Shannon Strucci as Rodney the Gumshoe

Xalavier Nelson Jr. as Lamar the Crooked

Eve Smith as Cindy the Mundane

Alex Flanigan as Ezra the Divine

Episode 2 - summer-denim-1.jpg


Renee Rhodes as Julianne the Chosen

Kyle Claset as Kurt the Mundane

Patrick Tracy as Conrad the Expert

Aaron Wiliams as August/Charles the Spooky


Episode 3 - fall-final-1.jpg


 Brandon Leon Gambetta as Lope the Wronged

Sarah Wheatley as Alice the Expert

Paul Byron as Harold the Monstrous

Danielle Bryn as Charles the Big Game Hunter

Episode 4 - winter-mininodes-2.jpg


Jack Packard as Ron the Mundane

Shelby Lee as Chet the Flake

JV Hampton-VanSant as Winston the Spooky

Cole Burkhardt as Imagine the Divine