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Seasons is an Actual Play Event mini-series created by Joel Ruiz.

Seasons is the story of 4 groups of 4 playing 3 sessions each of Monster of the Week GMed by Joel Ruiz from Critical Bits.

Join the cast of this Actual Play Event across a 6 episode mini-series unlike anything in else in the world of actual play podcasts.

Seasons Cast

Danielle Bryn as Charles the Big Game Hunter

Cole Burkhardt as Imagine the Divine

Paul Byron as Harold the Monstrous

Kyle Claset as Kurt the Mundane

Jack David as the Narrator

Brian Emond as Monty the Spellslinger

Alex Flanigan as Ezra the Divine

Brandon Leon Gambetta as Lope the Wronged

Taylor Johnson as Winston the Spooky

Shelby Lee as Chet the Flake

Adam Legrave as the Undecided

Xalavier Nelson Jr as Lamar the Crooked

Jack Packard as Ron the Mundane

Rebecca Parks as the Observer

Renee Roads as Julianne the Chosen

David Rodriguez as the Warrior

Bex Shepard as the Guardian

Eve Smith as Cindy the Mundane

Shannon Strucci as Rodney the Gumshoe

Patrick Tracy as Conrad the Expert

Dallas Wheatley as Alice the Expert

Aaron Willems as Charlie/August the Spooky

Seasons will release episode 1 on Nov 21st, 2019

Cover art by Cloe

Episode 1: Spring

Episode 1: Spring

Episode 2: Summer

Episode 2: Summer

Episode 3: Fall

Episode 3: Fall

Episode 4: Winter

Episode 4: Winter

Episode 5: The Nexus

Episode 5: The Nexus

Episode 6: the End

Episode 6: the End