Spider Day, April 17th, is a day of remembrance for all the brave souls that fought the first giant spider that attacked Heavendale.

Although ultimately, it was the second, larger spider that destroyed the first, we still honor the brave heroes that gave their lives fighting that first spider.

Gather around the Spider Day Bush with Mayor Jonah Jackson this Spider Day for the annual reading of the Battle of Spider Day story to the 3rd grade class of Wallace H. Dale Elementary.

Want to Run Your Very Own Spider Day Session?

Friend of the show and voice of Jack Pot from Leg 1, Tori Sheldon, created a Spider Day TTRPG so you can your friends can die horribly at the hands of the first giant spider. Go check out their itch.io page to see all their games or go directly to the Spider Day TTRPG to download it today!

Spider_Day_FOR_STICKERS 2nd Spider.png


On April 17th 2019 we be released a special bonus episode of Critical Bits. It’s the story of the Battle of Spider Day and the brave heroes that fought against the first giant spider.

Join our GM, Joel Ruiz, as he runs 9 different battles during Spider Day with 25+ guest players and over 30 new heroes.

Friend of the show, Jonah Jackson, will be lending his voice as the Mayor of Heavendale to narrate the epic day of Heavendale’s history.


The Guest Players

Below are the cast of the bonus episode of Spider Day.


Leg 1 - Brandon, DANIEL, and tori

Join Brandon (LatinX RPG), Daniel (Asians Represent), and Tori (Amazing Person) as they team up! Aguafer, Action Figure, and Jackpot take on the first leg of the giant spider.

Leg 2 - The Dice Girls

Bex, Kim, Ash, and Alexa run an amazing 5E D&D AP podcast called the Dice Girls. Astrid, Death Spray, Breadusa, and Blue Bullet to help fight of the first giant spider.


Leg 3 - Maggie, Minovsky, Sunder, and Tommy

Join Maggie, Minovsky, Sunder, and Tommy as they join the fight! These four team up to form the Heavendale Channel 4 Action News Team. Follow beat reporter Jane Jenkins, Anchor Man, The War Caster on weather, and Glass Cannon with sports as they report live from the battle of the giant spider.

Leg 4 - The Roaring Trainers

Gatlin, Adam, Aaron, and Nick are the four behind the Pokemon 5E podcast the Roaring Trainers. The Zoo Keeper, Spider Guy, Cat Dude, and Big-O to try take down the first giant spider.

Leg 5 - The Quest Company

Join Jonah, Andrew, Sarah, Brooke, and Amos from the Quest Company. Dart, Ace, Barbie, Harmony, and Scooter fight the fifth leg of the giant spider.

Leg 6 - Last minute spiders

Join Jonah, Jake, and Jack from our Discord, as they team up to help fight the first giant spider. Nacho Man, Spell Book, and the Rancher will be taking on the 6th leg of the spider.


Leg 7 - HbomberGuy, Philosophy Tube, and Branson Reese

Join Branson, Harry, and Olly as they team up to help in the fight. Bone Daddy, Mister, and The Shadow join forces to take on the seventh leg of the giant spider and help save Heavendale.

Leg 8 - Critical Bits

Join Paul, Shannon, and Shelby from Critical Bits, with special guest Kevin. The Knitwit, the Arsonist, Tacks Man, and Blindside take on the 8th leg of the first giant spider and help forge the story of Spider Day.

Head, Thorax, & Abdomen - Head to Table

Join Tom and Thom from the hilarious RPG-creation podcast Head to Table in their Spider Day fight. Thomas 1 and Thomas 2 are brave fighter pilots that patrol the skies of Heavendale.