Spider Day, April 17th, is a day of remembrance for all the brave souls that fought the first giant spider that attacked Heavendale.

Although ultimately, it was the second, larger spider that destroyed the first, we still honor the brave heroes that gave their lives fighting that first spider.

Gather around the Spider Day Bush with Mayor Jonah Jackson this Spider Day for the annual reading of the Battle of Spider Day story to the 3rd grade class of Wallace H. Dale Elementary.

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On April 17th we’ll be releasing a special bonus episode of Critical Bits. It’s the story of the Battle of Spider Day and the brave heroes that fought against the first giant spider.

Join our GM, Joel Ruiz, as he runs 9 different battles during Spider Day with 25+ guest players and over 30 new heroes.

Friend of the show, Jonah Jackson, will be lending his voice as the Mayor of Heavendale to narrate the epic day of Heavendale’s history.